Welcome to the new site of Softwijs and Ben Welman.

Softwijs was founded in 1993 with the aim of developing educational software for middle and higher education. In the nineties, training courses in the Microsoft Office applications were developed. Course materials have been developed in-house. All developers of this course material work in education or have worked in it. The textbooks differ from other books because of the large number of assignments in them, often directly from professional practice. For Microsoft Office only textbooks for Access and Excel are available.

As of September 2018 there are a number of changes, such as

  • The textbooks Access 2016 and Excel 2016 are available in a free online version, both the Dutch- and English-language versions. The source files for these textbooks are DITA files, created and published with Oxygen XML Editor.
  • You can also buy these textbooks in PDF/EPUB format through Gumroad, see at Textbooks in the navigation bar at the left.
  • Older versions of the textbooks are only available on request.
  • There will be regular articles about:
    • statistics and data-analysis with Excel and Power Query
    • data analysis with R
    • time series and forecasting
    • creating reproducible analyzes and reports
  • This website has been build with Blogdown based on Markdown documents. The structure is still experimental and can undergo changes.

For questions, comments and additional information, send a message to: Softwijs.