Website building (1)

This website is a so-called static website that is composed by a generator from a number of source documents.


  1. Blogdown, an R package for creating static websites with Rmarkdown.
  2. RStudio, an integrated development environment for the language R.
  3. Hugo, a popular open-source static website generator.
  4. docDock, a theme for Hugo.
  5. Git, a version management system.
  6. GitHub, a popular hosting service for Git repositories.
  7. Markdown and RMarkdown as markup languages for the source documents.
  8. MathJax, a javascript engine for mathematical expressions in browsers.
  9. Google Analytics, for analyzing the use of the website.
  10. Sourcetree, a free Git GUI for Windows and Mac.


R, RStudio and Git were already installed. A GitHub and Google Analytics account was already there. In general, the method was

  1. Installing package Blogdown through RStudio.
  2. Creating a new RStudio project for this website, based on Hugo theme docdock.
  3. Changed the project folder in a Git repository.
  4. Made various adjustments for structure and layout.
  5. New content created.
  6. After testing, build the website and push it to the server.

In a next article some details will be discussed in more detail.