Textbooks from Softwijs differ from other textbooks in several ways.

  • Topics are developed to perform a specific task and master a specific task, no more and no less. This has resulted in concrete stepwise tasks without additional information that may cause only distraction. Each task has a title that starts with the word Task: so that it is clear that something has to be carried out.
  • At the end of most chapters there is a series of exercises. The title of an exercise always starts with the word Exercise: followed by a unique code and a short description. If the exercise has a final answer than it appears.
  • The content of the tasks and exercises is mainly determined by competences and skills that higher education requires. Many of the problems have come from experiences of students in the professional practice during internships and graduation.
  • There is a free online version that makes it accessible to a wide audience. The content is regularly updated so you do not have to wait for a new edition until errors have been corrected or new topics have been added.
  • Besides the online version you can buy a PDF or Epub, which you can print or put on a computer / tablet / ereader. You don’t need an online connection.
    • PDF: suitable for reading on a PC/laptop and for making a paper print. The content is searchable and you can zoom in and out.
    • EPUB: suitable for reading on a PC/laptop, e-reader, ipad, tablet. Font and size can be adjusted (depending on the device). The content is searchable.